MORSØ U – LANDSFORENING(Morsoe Third World Association)


Cooperation concerning volunteers from Mors to Bukoba

June 2012                                                                                         


The responsibility of Morsø Third World Association:

1. After an application, discussion and information the volunteers are chosen to go to Bukoba

2. Inform about vaccinations and visa

3. Inform the host / Bukoba Sistership Promotion Trust Fund about the volunteers

–     Date of arrival and leave

–     The wishes of the volunteers concerning work during their stay

4. Pay for houserent in Bukoba


Representatives from JEEP, Kampala will meet the volunteers at the airport of Entebbe, if necessary arrange for at night’s stay, book tickets on the bus to Bukoba and take the volunteers to the bus. When the bus leaves, Jeep will phone the host in Bukoba about the arrival.


The responsibility of Bukoba Sistership Promotion Association / represented by Mr. Deogratias Mahamba and Sr. Adventina:

1. Meet the volunteers at the bus station in Bukoba and take them to their lodging

2. Arrange lodging and places to work for the volunteers

3. Before they arrive inform exact prices for:

–     Lodging

–     Price for information days

–     Price for new visa during their stay

–     Other things they must pay for during their stay

–     Help the volunteers with practical things and advise during their stay

4. Report to M.T.W.A. about the volunteers after they have left Bukoba


Responsibility of the Volunteers:

1. Pay for flight ticket, vaccinations, visa, food in Bukoba, transportation from

airport to Bukoba, information days in Bukoba

2. Be open-minded with all the new things they will experience

3. Remember they are guests in a foreign country

4. Discuss with Bukoba Sistership Promotion Trust Fund if they have some problems or wishes during

their stay

5. Inform Mr. Mahamba or Sr. Adventina if they leave Bukoba e.g. for a short holiday or visit

6. Report to MTWA about the stay and work when they return


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Deogratias Mahamba / Sr. Adventina                                  Chairman Anne Mette Schrader

Bukoba Sistership Promotion Trust Fond                            Morsoe Third World Association