Dear MDA members and other Development Partners

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Dear MDA members and other Development Partners


Today,21sth March,2018 have read a very touching and interesting news from World Happiness Report. The report ranks Denmark to be among the top three happiest  countries from 155 countries surveyed, but Denmark has distinction that has earned for seven consecutive years. The report is consistent with many other National Surveys of happiness.

Happiness was measured basing on Objective  Indicators (data on crime, income, civic engagement  and health ) Subjectively, the report based on asking how frequently people experience positive and negative emotions. On the contrary Denmark has a highest taxes in the world. What does this entail? This means higher taxes assures or create a better society. Stable government ,low level of corruption, access to high quality education and good health care programs which avail people with happiness.

Personally during my visit have witnessed this ,during Culture Days, my stay in various families, visits to different school and institutions ,individual interactions etc. Sharing coffee, sharing food (during farewell party held at Anne Mette and Per’s home) indicated a shared responsibility and trust among yourself, Fire place at Ruth and Nick’s home preparing snowballs which gathered children from neighbouring families, World Good News event at Nykobing harbor and many more events to mention but a few.

The same report mentioned Tanzania to be among of the last three countries, this is bad. You can see the big gap between your country and ours, we have a lot to learn from you, at individual level to government level. Very fortunately during the almost 35 years of the cooperation (you can correct me) you have been shaping and mapping the way towards attaining this.

What is the lesson  are we learning from this report? I do concur with Professor of Psychology from Dickinson College ,Marie Helweg Larson who had this to say, ” I think the lesson from Denmark is that we build trust and community  via individual contacts with other people. So we get away from our device into gathering with other people in our local communities, trust comes in part from remembering the shared goal you have with other people of good life”

This report poses the challenges and even thinking of more inclusive projects and diversification of our activities, it is an awakening call to do more and act responsibly on our side. There is a need to rethink of the cooperation and ways we can see a quick and tangible outcomes on our side. Am hundred percent sure that on your part you have crystal clear picture of the lives you want to attain in a long-future, this is from the plans and commitment I have witnessed. There is a need to start investing from what we have in our possessions, we have  organic bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados,  palm oil etc. If we can make a way where we can sell our products, it is obvious that we can attain development quickly. What we need is to study Denmark’s standards and regulations on food, packaging and farm preparations, harvesting, storing, transporting etc. You will easily see the outcome of the loans you are issuing time to time to our municipality. In your markets have seen food from Russia ,Caribbean’s, yet they are expensive, think of taking different route, safer of course ,let you invest in Bukoba people.

I have seen the value you put in art work, there are talented young people and trained ones on this, lets invest in them, there is more in Bukoba than dancing and singing. Art and culture make critical thinking and appreciation of one’s culture and acceptance of diversity. There is a need to train on us about money and financial management as a spiritual matter, good public governance to attract investors and donors.

Again thank you very much for the initiatives you have taken and still undertaking for bringing development and hope to us, we still need you to move forward in a stipulated time so as to let us move alone ,but we need connectivity to resources and viable projects.

I wish you all the best and God’s blessing. Pass my warm greetings to all friends in Denmark.

Erasto Kishula.

NB.This is my personal views subject to criticism.